Estate planning

Planning for your family’s future after your death can be a daunting process, but you don't have to handle it alone. We have experience in estate law to assist you with your estate plan and explain your options in a clear, concise way to ensure your wishes are carried out. A proper estate plan should be comprehensive in its management and division of assets, with the intent to minimize taxes and probate fees, and provide for the protection of loved ones.

Administering the estate of a loved one

The passing of a loved one can be an extremely stressful time. We can provide legal services to aid estate trustees with their duties and help families proceed if a loved one passed intestate (without a Will). We take the time to properly assess the properties, liabilities and assets in-depth, and can help resolve disputes among beneficiaries or creditors. Based on our assessment, we can provide you with options for how to best divide the estate according to your loved one's wishes.

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